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Cuba regards homophobia, not homosexuality, as the problem. Its efforts to remove legal and social barriers impeding dignity and parity for sexual minorities are exemplary. Cuba is the benchmark for LGBT freedom in Latin America and a global leader in gender and sexual equality. This site is a news magazine featuring the lives, culture and happenings of LGBT people in Cuba today.
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Sonja de Vries
U.S. filmmaker and antiracism activist Sonja de Vries' groundbreaking 1995 documentary Gay Cuba remains the last word on queer history and progress since the 1959 revolution.
Launched 26 July 2008 on the internet at
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CENESEX president Mariela Castro Espín of Cuba
January 1, 2009, Havana, Cuba – Video Interview with Mariela Castro Espín on the Future of Sex and Socialism in Cuba! Anastasia Haydulina of Russia Today Television chats with CENESEX director Mariela Castro Espín who candidly reflects on how Cuban society is dealing with changing perceptions of sexuality and concrete measures benefiting LGBTs, as well as transsexualism, same-sex unions, gay rights, HIV/AIDS and world issues.

Big Gay Celebration in Cuba Launches HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaign and exposes myth that LGBT gatherings in Cuba are prohibited. Several hundred lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and their friends converged at the Mí Cayito section of Guanabo Beach east of Havana on June 14, 2008 to celebrate newfound pride and launch "Together with You."

CENESEX president Mariela Castro Espín of Cuba
A detailed account from Havana of events and circumstances surrounding a fake "gay parade" that world media claimed was busted up by Cuban authorities on 25 June 2008. Mariela Castro Espín, director of CENESEX (Cuban National Center for Sexual Education), in letter to a Canadian colleague, exposes the provocative role of rightwing Cuban groups based in and funded by the US government.

A first ever tour for elder gays and their friends will visit Cuba from April 17 to 25 2009. Their itinerary celebrates the richness of island music, ballet, art, architecture, nature and history. It comes at a time of remarkable progress for LGBT people in Cuba. Already the friendliest country in Latin America for gay travelers…
Walter Lippmann's LGBT Cuba website is an excellent source of news from Cuba and beyond.
Sexologia: Publication of CENESEX Cuba's CENESEX advances gender and sexual equality. Its magazine Sexología prints stories on these topics and more. Visit the website (en español).
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